Never stop moving

Hello friends,

The last 12 months have been quite a tumultuous. Ill health. A few moves. The lows of relationships and the highs of reaching some goals. The next twelve months will be challenging as well as I now build on the momentum of the building I have done so far.

Ben Wallis’s Crit Pig pushed me both physically and mentally. I’m glad we ended up with the frame we had been dreaming of. Always wondering if it was possible. I held off for a long time starting because I was scared of failing with it. So far it has been a success. Ben’s amazing paint has caught everyone’s attention and as they look closer they pick up on the work I’ve done. It’s an evolving design and we will tackle the frame again with some changes to make it even better.

The next installment of the Australian version of the now famous NAHBS, The Hand Made Bicycle Show Australia is fast approaching at the end of April. I will be showing three bikes and am pretty much ready for it. Just some promotional material to organise. I am excited to get there and mix with all the highly regarded builders in Australia both new and old and check out all the coolest bikes on the planet, made in our very own part of the world. Should be a great event and if you are in Melbourne head along and check it out.

Hand Made Bicycle Show

Lastly check out my online Tshirt Mill store for some cool shirts and hoodie (if I do say so myself) and keep and eye out for some carefully selected items coming up, including some very trendy riding kit still in the design stage.

Devlin @ The Tshirt Mill

Thanks for all the support guys. Really humbling and heartfelt.

Go ride your bike!