About Us

I started road racing in the mid to late 80's. At a time when lugged steel frames were the norm. I was pretty wet behind the ears and really didn't grasp that we had some great frame builders among the small racing community in western Sydney.

As the 90's came and went so too did the popularity of the lugged steel frame. First it was TIG and aluminium, still a great material to build from, then it was Titanium and carbon.  All amazing materials that bring to the table some fantastic properties for frame building.

What the three alternatives to steel never quite achieved was the legendary ride that steel can provide with a skilled builder. What you lose out on weight to carbon is more than made up in the forgiving nature of the way steel rides.

Far from being a heavy noodle. Steel provides a firm ride that in many cases is stiffer than carbon but it is never harsh. It provides a bit more pop than Titanium and will last longer than an aluminium frame.

At Devlin Custom Cycles I build mostly with lugs as it gives me the opportunity to add some subtle flair to a frame but I also believe it is part of the reason that steel has a particular feel on the road.

With each customer I take my time to discuss their wants and needs and ultimately their desires in a bicycle made just for them. We carefully consider components and how thew ill affect the over all package and work closer with Wallis Paints to create the perfect finishing touch to their new friend of the road.

I look forward to discussing your project and getting another happy customer out enjoying the freedom only a bicycle can bring.

Sean Doyle